Why Florianópolis is the World’s Favourite Destination

Florianópolis is the capital of southern Brazil’s Santa Catarina state and made up of 50+ kilometres, or more than 30 miles, of an island. It’s divided into two distinct parts, one on the Island itself and the other located on the South American continent. They’re connected by two modern bridges and by the old handsome Hercílio Luz Bridge, which also serves as one of the city’s many attractions.

Pontes Hercílio Luz, Colombo Salles e Pedro Ivo Campos
Pontes Hercílio Luz, Colombo Salles e Pedro Ivo Campos

Be Smart About the Season You Visit In

Unlike the many other Brazilian beach towns, Florianópolis’ temperatures tend to drop slightly during winter, from June through to August. If you don’t want to swim, surf, or scuba dive in a sea colder than usual, avoid travelling there during this time.

But bear in mind that the summer season, from December to February, is also the rainiest one!

Nature Reserves

Praia da Galheta entre a Barra da Lagoa e a Praia Mole
Praia da Galheta entre a Barra da Lagoa e a Praia Mole

The strong influence of the Portuguese colonisers is immediately evident in not only the city’s architecture but its cuisine and cultural and religious attractions as well. But there’s much more to enjoy in Floripa, as it’s been nicknamed by the locals, than just the Fortaleza de São José da Ponta Grossa, Ponte Hercílio Luz, and the Palacio Cruz e Sousa, as marvellous as these are.

Roughly 45% of the city is made up of nature reserves and there are also more than 100 beaches, all surrounded by hills boasting deep Atlantic forest vegetation.

Interesting Attractions

Tourism is the main economic activity in this region, but there is also a highly-developed technology centre and the largest oyster farm in the whole country to explore!

One reason for its huge popularity is that you won’t need masses of money to see all the sights in Florianópolis either, so save the wins you’ve collected from enjoying Bingo games for money for something else.

Visiting the stunning São José da Ponta Grossa, the prominent Prédio da Alfândega, the XV of November Square, the Victor Meirelles House Museum, and the vibrant Mercado Público de Florianópolis won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Lagoa da Conceição vista do Morro da Lagoa
Lagoa da Conceição vista do Morro da Lagoa

The 15-kilometre, almost 10-mile long Conceiçao Lagoon is one of the most traditional places in the city and is further often a focus for those of us who enjoy water sports and fans of the traditional dish Sequência de Camarão, or String of Shrimp. As the name indicates, this consists of a mixture of shrimp-based foods.

The Jurerê Internacional neighbourhood is a luxurious one, featuring high-end mansions and glitzy restaurants. It also holds a strong appeal for the younger crowd thanks to its lively nightlife.

Floripa is also one of the most famous surfing spots in Brazil and has hosted many Championships, both national and international. The beaches Praia da Joaquina and Praia Mole are two top options, you can have fun sailing, kitesurfing, and offshore fishing too if surfing’s not your thing.

Praia da Joaquina
Acesso à Praia da Joaquina

Explore the Outskirts

Try to ensure you have a few days to spare because taking a trip to Bombinhas, 75 kilometres or just less than 50 miles, from Floripa is highly recommended. This tiny municipality has 39 crystal-water beaches and it would be a shame for you to miss out on seeing a few!


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