Outdoor Activities in Florianópolis

Our frantic modern lives ironically require us to sit still for hours on end in front of screens as we build our social and professional networks, accomplish practical day-to-day issues, and work our fingers to the bone.

Our bodies are forgotten as we let our minds take over, and physical space and movement is sacrificed for virtual manoeuvrings.

Reconnecting with the earth and giving our bodies love and exercise is increasingly more difficult to do, but what about combining our much-needed holidays with a chance to reactivate ourselves physically?

Outdoor adventures can enrich our lives by getting us moving, oxygenating us, and reminding us what rain, sunshine, and wind feel like. They connect us to the present moment and can create some truly unforgettable experiences.

If this sounds like something you need, we can highly recommend a trip to Florianópolis in Brazil, where you can combine a good time with a healthy one.


Parapente Praia Mole e Praia da Galheta
Praia Mole e Praia da Galheta

You can participate in paragliding at Praia Mole and Lagoa da Conceição in Florianópolis. You may, in fact, find that you enjoy it so much that you go on to become a certified pilot and start flying every weekend.

Paragliding is considered by many to be the purest form of human flight and it’s easy enough to do. All you’ll need is a little courage, safety equipment, and a little time.

Lagoa da Conceição is a lovely beautiful place in the east portion of the island. Treat yourself and experience the kind of high only associated with playing Aussie pokies games online in the great outdoors!


Sandboard Dunas da Joaquina
Sandboard Praia da Joaquina

Sand boarding at Joaquina Beach is quickly becoming as widely accepted an activity as mainstream sports. And while hurtling full tilt down a sand dune on a board may not sound very appealing at first, the adrenaline rush you’ll enjoy when you reach the bottom is hard to beat.

Scuba Diving

Praia do Santinho - Bairro de Ingleses
Praia do Santinho

Scuba diving allows us to enter entirely new worlds and devotees say that its effects are not just felt while you’re underwater, but seep into the rest of your life as well. You may find your mind broadening in ways you could never have imagined and your quality of life taking a steep upswing!

There are three good spots for scuba diving in Florianópolis, the Praia Mole, do Santinho, and dos Ingleses.

Praia Mole is in Florianópolis itself and extends 960 metres, with a width varying between 10 metres and 120. It is famous for being an LGBQT-friendly holiday spot as well as the long, strong waves that can be found there, which make it ideal for surfers. Praia do Santinho can also be found here and features warm sands, surf-perfect ocean waves, and pristine cliffs.

The Praia dos Ingleses can be found in the Ingleses do Rio Vermelho neighbourhood, north of the Santa Catarina Island and 31 kilometres from the Florianópolis downtown district. It’s one of the finest beaches in the world with ocean waves gentle enough to swim in and perfect for a good dive!


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